Statutes of the Chamber of Commerce Mozambique – United States of America


Article 1
(Constitution and denomination)
The Chamber of Commerce Mozambique – United States of America, ahead assigned for Chamber, is an economic association without lucrative ends, endowed with corporate entity and administrative, financial and patrimonial autonomy, consisting of indeterminate time and that it conducts for the gifts Statutes and the applicable legal rules.

Article 2
The Chamber has its headquarters in the city of Maputo, being able to establish delegations or any another form of representation where and when the circumstances justify it, by means of deliberation of the Directive Advice.

Article 3
(Social Object)

1. The Chamber has for social the promotion of the development, in a base of friendship and voluntary adhesion, of economics, social and commercial relations each other advantageous between the business-oriented communities of Mozambique and the United States of America.

2. For accomplishment of social its object and prosecution of the associative ends, will be able the Chamber:

a) To establish and to develop relations of cooperation with organisms and institutions of international trade, Chamber of Commerce’s and any other excellent entities, in the country and the foreigner, and, in particular, with the similar institutions of the United States of America;

b) Subscribe agreements, covenants and contracts of cooperation with other similar organisms, as well as enrolling itself in national and foreign associations, federacy and organisms, in accordance with the necessities of accomplishment of the associative ends and prosecution of the common objectives of its members; c) Presents and to defend next to the competent agencies of the State and the administrative authorities the points of view and the general interests of its members.


Article 4
(Of the members in general)
1. Will be members of the Chamber the respective founders and any other companies individualities, national or foreign, interested in the prosecution of respective social object and in the accomplishment of the associative ends, since that thus they request it and the candidacy has collected the due acceptance of the Directive Advice.
2.  The organizations or individualities Will be equally members of the Chamber that, in recognition of the respective contribution for the accomplishment of the ends of the association or the prosecution  of common objectives, the Chamber understands to distinguish with the attribution of the heading of honorary member.
3. Consonant the respective situation, the members of the Chamber will be classified of honorary staff, associates.

Article 5
(effective Members)
The companies, organizations, institutions and personalities, national or foreign can be effective members of the Chamber, with specific interest in the business-oriented accomplishment or promotion between Mozambique and the United States of America, since that thus they request and they declare it its adhesion to the gifts Statutes and the accomplishment of the ends of the association.

Article 6
(Members associates)
They can be members associates of the Chamber to any other companies, organizations, institutions and personalities, national or foreign, that if find made use to collaborate in the Chamber in the scope of its activity and declare its adhesion to the gifts Statutes and the accomplishment of the ends of the association.

Article 7
(Honorary Members)
1. Could be honorary members of the Chamber, independently of its nationality, the institutions, organizations and personalities that, having given services of excellent utility for the accomplishment of the ends of the Chamber or in the prosecution of common objectives, are considered for and distinguished with the attribution from the corresponding statute.
2. The initiative of proposals for the attribution of the Statute of honorary member fits to the Directive Advice.

Article 8
1. the adhesion candidacies as effective members or associates will be presented by the interested parties in the terms of the internal regulation of the Chamber, in directed letter the Chairman of the board Directive, which will submit them to the appreciation of the first meeting subsequent of the Directive Advice, having the decision to be communicated the interested party, for writing, in the stated period of 60 days.
2. The proposals of attribution of the statute of honorary member will have to be subscribed by a minimum of 5 existing members.

Article 9
(Right of the members)
1. The members of the Chamber, any that is its statute, have right:
a) To choose and to be elect in voting for fulfilling of any of the social positions; b) Elaborate proposals on subjects of ability of the Chamber;
c) Receive from the Chamber all the support in the solution of questions understood in the scope of its ability;
d) Usufruir of the services of the Chamber, with priority relatively to other potential usuaries;
e) _ request the information that judge convenient on the activity of the Chamber;
f) To inside examine books and registers of the Chamber of the stated periods for this definitive, with observance of applicable the legal and statutory condicionalismos;

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