About The Chamber

To be a reference institution and a leverage mechanism of business development in Mozambique and in Southern Africa.

To promote the development, based on friendship and voluntary membership, of mutually advantageous economic, social and commercial relations, between the Mozambican and American business communities.

About Mozambique


Mozambique is situated on the Southeast Coast of Africa. To the East is the Indian Ocean, Tanzania, Malawi and Zambia are to the North Tanzania, Malawi and Zambia, to the West, Zimbabwe and South Africa and to the South, Swaziland and South Africa.

The total area of Mozambique is 799 380 Km2 from North to South, to the East it has a coastline with the Indian Ocean for over 2515 Km. The more south we go the narrower the land becomes, its widest point being the Central Northern region, between the coast and the point where the rivers Aruángua e Zambezi meet. The narrowest southern point, in the Namaacha region is only 47,5Km wide.

From the coastal plains inland, the land changes abruptly from a narrow palm-studded strip of beach along the coast to a broad belt of savannah and woodland then forested mountains. Forty percent of the territory has an altitude rising to 200 meters, Cabo Delgado, Nampula and the interior of Inhambane are plateaus of 200 to 600 meters and further on between Manica and Sofala the land forms mountains with heights above 1000 meters.

The highest points of the country are in the mountainous region located by the border. For example, Massururero on the slopes of Manica and Sofala is 2436 meters high, Picos Namuli has an altitude of 2419 meters and Serra de Gorongosa is 2000 meters high.

Most of the country’s 25 major rivers flow eastwards to the Indian Ocean.


The Chamber is well-positioned to provide a quick, practical and effective response to the needs of members. The Chamber has also assisted in organizing business response to humanitarian needs in Mozambique. Contact the US-Mozambique Chamber of Commerce to become a member today.



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